Udyog is committed to supporting all of our partners to ensure long-term, productive and mutually beneficial relationships

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We have a large human network of people and partners who are an integral part of the Udyog’s family. They bring industry experience and connections, technical and consulting capabilities and the expertise that is required to provide highly productive and efficient services to our valuable customers. Together they constitute the complete Udyog Partner network.

Become our partner and see how you can differentiate your business, enhance your company’s expertise and drive growth for your company. We offer a complete portfolio of technologically advanced solutions that allow you to increase both your customer base and company revenue YoY.

Be an Udyog Partner to take full advantage of all the benefits of the Udyog Partner Network.

Partner Categories

Sales & Reseller Partners

At Udyog we strongly believe in helping our partners grow with us. As Sales and Reseller Partners, you get the benefit of being a part of Udyog and its 13,500+ clientele. By selling Udyog’s innovative products, you will not only gain your own customer base but also get access to an expert knowledge base. Being a part of the Udyog network guarantees you a significant market presence and an impact which can be leveraged for increased business


Full Service Partner

As Certified Tax Professionals, our Full Service Partners provide a complete suite of services combining the functions of both Integration and Data Processing to provide high quality tax automation services which are both time and energy efficient. The data is reviewed and approved these certified professionals who then generate the required reports and file the error-free, validated returns on behalf of the customer.


Technical Service Partner

The Technical Service Partner provides Integration services for our customers. In Integration Services we provide specific connectors which integrate with the customer’s ERP system to extract the necessary data required for filing. Our Technical Service Partners are hence armed with the requisite expertise to provide full technical support and data extraction services to customers and help them successfully address and solve any technical issues faced during the process.


Data Service Partner

Our Data Service Partners provide Data Processing services integral to the filing process. They form the bridge between the companies and the tax consultants, carry out data correction, compute and process the data for you to ensure that it is correctly validated and ready to file and then generate the reports after filing the returns for our customers. Our Data Service Partners add immense value to our services and to our customers.


Knowledge Partners

Indian Tax is complex and in recognition of that fact, Udyog appreciates its Knowledge Partners who answer specific queries by clients and provide valuable inputs on tax updates and the implications of these updates. These people form the bridge between the companies and the tax experts. As the only point of reference for tax knowledge, their advice and expertise drives the growth of the company itself. If you have any queries, our Knowledge Partners are always there to guide.


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