How did Udyog Software ensure Mitsui & Co. transform to GST on July 1, 2017?

Mitsui & Co. is a global diversified conglomerate with interest in many different areas in the energy and construction space in India and the rest of world.

Mitsui & Co.has made the decision to continue using Udyog’s applications, and has specifically decided to use our new VUGST and enComply offering to meet their tax needs in the GST era. Mitsui & Co. focuses on.

Mitsui & Co. transform to GST

The company faced the challenge of how to address the transition to the GST regime in India. Initially, it had decided on a typical ERP solution for its indirect tax requirements needs going forward. While they had used Udyog’s award winning Visual Udyog (VU) product in the past, it was determined that an ERP would be sufficient in the GST era.

However, at the last minute the leadership team of Mitsui & Co. in India made the decision to continue and expand its relationship with Udyog. Instead of relying solely on an ERP for its tax needs, the company decided to embrace Visual Udyog GST (VUGST) as part of their tax technology roadmap. The combination of VUGST and an ERP provides an enterprise the flexibility to deal with the changing GST regime while maintaining the control and processes in an ERP.

VUGST was selected because its billing offerings were completely ready, it had better reporting options, better performance for job work transactions and the ability to connect with a collaborative cloud compliance offering, called enComply. Specifically, VUGST offered better invoice generation and creation, customization of invoices which is more difficult for an ERP and it was better dealing with reverse charge workflow and process. Finally, the VUGST offering provided a compliant and automatic debiting of SGST/ UTGST, CGST, and IGST per the GST Act and Rules.

enComply is a SaaS compliance model which offers built-in converters for a variety of different ERPs including SAP, Oracle and Tally. enComply provides a multi-GSP approach for GST compliance, analytics, reporting and collaboration. Since Mitsui & Co. has global operation, enComply could be the most appropriate GST solution for this company. This is because enComply allows multiple parties around the world to be part of the tax compliance process while retaining the data locations within India. Mitsui & Co. will have to comply with hundreds of GST returns and amendments during the year because of its business footprint across India.

The Udyog team, with their highest degree of technical capability completed the conversion to VUGST in a matter of days, and now Mitsui & Co.’s business continues seamlessly across all its units with all its different kinds of transactions. Such quick turnaround and technical depth from Udyog Software allowed Mitsui & Co. to continue its operations starting 1 July 2017, without having to worry about tax and compliance issues.

Mitsui & Co. and Udyog are now working to ensure direct feeds from VUGST and the ERP will be ready for consumption by enComply for submission to the GSTN across all of Mitsui & Co.’s India businesses.

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Perception VS Reality – ET CFO Summit 2017.

Mr. Pavan Peechara, Director – Udyog Software and CEO – Adaequare Group representing #Reality at The Economic Times CFO Summit 2017, held today (April 28, 2017) at The Holiday Inn, New Delhi.

Mr. Priyajit Ghosh, Partner, Indirect Taxes, KPMG, India, represented #Perception about hurdles and not getting the ROI from investing in technology, and highlighting grey areas about investing in technology as GST is a tech-enabled transformation.

Pavan explained the solution to all problems/hurdles/difficulties that are perceived during the upcoming GST regime. It was an amazing experience for many business and finance leaders of the country while all misconceptions and pertinent problems, and questions towards not investing in appropriate technology for GST transformation were articulated, and Pavan provided solutions for all such misconceptions, problems, and questions.

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Special Address by Anil Kuruvilla at The ET CFO Summit 2017.

Anil Kuruvilla, Global Leader-Tax & Regulatory Compliance and CCO at Adaequare Group explained the opportunities and challenges that face all business and finance leaders with the implementation of the GST.

Do not miss watching this video for Anil suggesting that while these business and finance leaders are preparing for the GST, it is more important to prepare for the inevitable changes which will come after the implementation.

The session was an eye-opener for most business and finance leaders as Anil asked the audience whether they are ready for a new order where a business could be expected to report more data in a matter of weeks; or where they will need to produce detailed records based on old requirements; issue credit notes based on old rates and rules.

Anil suggested that when everyone here thTDS, etc.inks about how to prepare for the change, we should think about how we are transforming our organizations to be ready for change as a normal part of what is tax lifecycle from issuing the invoice to closing an audit.

What an amazing speech! A must watch.

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Udyog Software – The only Solution Provider to demonstrate GST solution Live at the India GST Summit, 2017.

It gives us immense pleasure to share our success at the recently concluded India GST Summit in New Delhi

This event was organized by Alankit Ltd., a GST Suvidha Provider (GSP), and the flagship company of Alankit Group in association with Zee Business. Udyog Software represented at the summit as the tax technology expert and one of the few selected ASPs.

It was such a proud moment for us at the India GST Summit when Pavan demonstrated our ASP Solutions, and addressed the audience about how we at are completely ready to assist any business in India to transform and become GST compliant.

Pavan also explained in details the importance of technology in the upcoming GST process, and how we are already prepared to become the leaders in offering GST products and solutions.

Alankit Ltd., which happens to be one of the largest GSPs (GST Suvidha Provider) in India, will be using our Technology for supporting their clients for all GST return filing needs

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Udyog Software kick started the year 2016 – closed a major deal with Schneider Electric. Also, won 6 global logos in 2015.

iTAX (stands for Indian taxation suite) is the flagship product from Udyog Software which can manage any compliances related to all transactional taxes in India such as:

  • Excise – Manufacturing/ Trading
  • Export-Import Documentation (EXIM)
  • VAT & CST
  • Service Tax
  • TDS, etc.

Udyog Software recently acheived logos

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Mr. Pavan Peechara shared his views on “Pioneering the Spirit of Entrepreneurship” at IIM Raipur.

Source: Udyog Software (India) Ltd. | Date of Publish: 26th October 2015

IIM Raipur celebrated its 6th year of Establishment on 11th October 2015. The theme of discussion was “Creating Value based Ethical Leaders for Tomorrow”.

Our CEO Mr. Pavan Peechara was invited as Guest of Honour by IIM Raipur to share his views on “Pioneering the Spirit of Entrepreneurship”.

Mr. Pavan Peechara participated in a panel discussion along with Mr. Rajeev Dubey, President HR, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mr. Rohit Bansal, Director Network 18, Mr. Ravi Krishnan, CEO Stepathlon Lifestyle and the Moderator Mr. Neil Wilson.

The panel discussed in depth the ingredients for being a successful entrepreneur, especially in a country like India where start up culture is talk of the town among the youth. The biggest latent road block on the success route is the fear of fear itself. One needs to acknowledge fear and failure as a part of the success story and build on them creative and innovative solutions to emerge as a successful entrepreneur.

Budding women entrepreneurs should not be skeptical of their abilities and should explore the world of opportunities with an equal rigor matched with their male counterparts.

Pavan shatring dias

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Adaequare Inc. presents a case study on U.S. expansion at a seminar organized by The Fairfax County EDA and its partner Brickwork India

Source: The Fairfax County EDA | Date of Publish: February 17th, 2015

A seminar on “Global Expansion: U.S. Opportunities for Indian Aerospace and IT Companies” was held at The Taj West End Hotel in Bangalore, India. The event witnessed speakers from Indo American chamber of commerce, PWC, Brickwork India, IACC, SAE India, FCEDA and Adaequare. The main idea behind all the speeches and presentation was to share unique perspective by each speaker on current opportunities of entering in the US market and the benefits of locating in Fairfax County, Virginia, USA.

Mr Pavan Peechara, president and group CEO of Adaequare Inc., presented a case study on U.S expansion. Some important snippets of his speech were:

“Adaequare has had a U.S. headquarters in Fairfax County since 2001. We have leveraged the business-friendly policies of the county and the ability to recruit highly skilled talent and tap the strong ecosystem of partners, customers and markets. We recently expanded our Fairfax County operations with more sales, support and delivery personnel to support our growth strategy into new vertical markets in the U.S. and deliver cutting-edge business solutions through engineering excellence.”

About Fairfax County, Virginia, USA:

Time magazine called Fairfax County “one of the great economic success stories of our time.” Fairfax County offers businesses a state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure, access to global markets through Washington Dulles International Airport, a vibrant investment capital community and a highly skilled, well-educated workforce.

About Adaequare Inc:

Adaequare is a pioneer in cutting edge Data, Product and Test Engineering Solutions. Established in 2001, Adaequare is a CMMi Level 3 Certified company and has global presence across 3 different locations. Our thrust to be creative is our key to success in this contemporary world. We deliver what it takes to turn your ideas into value – to your customers and employees alike!

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Udyog Software defends the title of a Leader in Governance, Risk and Compliance category for 3 years in a row – A Hat-trick!

Source: Udyog Software (India) Ltd | Date of Publish: 10th January 2015

CORE (Centre of Recognition & Excellence) announced Udyog Software (India) Ltd the chosen leader for Governance, Risk and Compliance category as CIO CHOICE 2015 honoree. The felicitation was done amidst 400+ CIOs & ICT Leaders from pan India at Red Carpet Night evening on January 09, 2015 at Intercontinental The Lalit, Mumbai. KPMG has been the knowledge partner for CIO CHOICE 2015.

Udyog Software (India) Ltd was felicitated for displaying best-in-class competency and market leadership coupled with innovative tax technology and customer commitment. The success story of Udyog Software lies in its proven technological expertise, its avant-garde products, services and solutions and its pledge to meet customers’ CIOs evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment.

Already a leading Tax automation software company with a pan-Indian presence, this recognition as a preferred choice for CIOs across the nation for 3 years in a row, lends further credibility to the fact that Udyog Software is looking at a brighter future and immense growth.

At the felicitation ceremony, Mr. Anoop Mathur, President of CORE said “I congratulate Udyog Software (India) Limited on being recognized with the much coveted tag and being a recipient of CIO CHOICE 2015 Honor. They truly deserve this badge of honor. CIOs have voted for them because it’s such a great time to scale the Tax Technology business with enterprise customers. CIO CHOICE honor signifies a future ready brand”.

Year 2014-2015 received the highest number of nominations and entry submissions to date by ICT vendors. More than 100 entries were received this year, from a wide array of public and private ICT Vendor companies, both Large as well as Small & Medium Enterprises.

“Being recognized as a leader in tax technology and automation space within one of the world’s most complex tax environment is undoubtedly an inspiration to each one of us in Udyog family. This is a hat-trick as we defend the title for the 3rd year in a row. I am thankful to our customers, partners and associates for their faith and confidence in our products and services”, said Mr. Naveen Mamidi, Chief Business Officer at Udyog Software.

About Udyog Software:

Established in 1993, Udyog Software is a pioneer in providing tax automation solutions to a number of businesses and in areas of Tax automation, Tax compliance, integrated solutions and ERP implementations. In 2014, Udyog Software has also launched an advanced Fixed Assets Management software application which is already being preferred by few of the most respected brands in the country.


The CIO CHOICE 2014 is India’s largest CIO survey of products, services and solutions which recognizes and felicitates excellence in products, services and solutions preferred by CIOs. As a powerful tool for organizations in the Information & Communications Technology space to promote and market their products, services and solutions, this B2B platform is uniquely positioned to recognize and honor the chosen and to help marketers create a positive brand positioning for their products, services and/ or solutions by being the CIOs preferred choice. The award is bestowed after a pan-Indian survey by an independent advisory panel of eminent CIOs and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) decision makers across the country and is conducted by the Centre of Recognition & Excellence.

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