AddTax - Determine GST for India in Real-Time

Real-time Tax determination & calculation service to
return a millisecond response to the transaction systems
such as ERPs, POS,E-commerce systems via a Live API call
or Offline synchronization

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System Features

  • ERP/Source system specific connectors to ensure minimal work on source system side.
  • Configure Masters (Items, Customers, Suppliers and Locations) and synchronize for changes with API or Scheduler based FTP based integrations.
  • Enable Item master (products and services) mapped to HSN and SAC codes and further up-to-date GST rates.
  • Tax determination rules, rates, formats always in sync with statutory changes.

Two Ways of Integration

Integration of source systems with AddTax Service can be achieved in two ways i.e, Live API Call and Offline synchronisation.

Live API Call

  • With live API Call based integration, GST computation is done on the transactional data from source systems through a Restful API call.
  • Again, through an API call, the computed tax values (CGST, SGST & IGST) are sent to source systems for further processing.
  • Enable Item master (products and services) mapped to HSN and SAC codes and further up-to-date GST rates
  • This integration requires minimal configuration changes in source systems.

Offline Synchronization

  • A Scheduler based Bi-Directional FTP Synchronization is used for making an offline call.
  • The transactional data from source systems can be put in a FTP folder and the data is picked from the FTP to determine and compute GST.
  • The computed values are again sent to the client FTP folder and are sent to source systems for further processing of transactions.
  • This type of integration can be used for source systems that do not support web services.

How does AddTax work?

    AddTax gives you the confidence to generate the right documents such as Sales Quotes, Purchase Orders and Invoices to reduce the risk of improper tax computation.

  • Integration through Web-Service or FTP
  • Single API to determine all applicable taxes for a given transaction
  • Validate and calculate taxes at transaction level and return computed data back to your systems in real-time
  • API has standard input and output specifications
  • No need to maintain tax-base in your systems such as e-Commerce Platforms, Accounting Software, ERP, Financial Systems, Procurement Software etc.
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