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Many of us are aware of our Indian history about the evolution of Indirect Tax which started with Excise Duty, Customs Duty, Sales Tax, VAT, Service Tax wherein, an industry/ organisation were having different specialized professions/ people being allocated with different Indirect Tax compliances task firstly in the form of making an entry in the books of account with the help of accounting package which were further different based on the size of company and secondly, statutory requirements of filing returns which were till date done manually using excel knowledge which had no exceptions based on size of company.

As any other hereditary problem, the filing of returns is still done manually by most of the people in an excel sheet with every advancement, which was incorporated year on year to cope up with the same without any hardships. Also, the main reason for doing it manually was, one there were less number of software to help them to automate their work and secondly as the concerned person in the company were individually responsible for filing the return and payment of tax without any dependency about the filing details of their vendors and suppliers as there were smooth flow of credit without dependency on anyone i.e. If you are filing return and paying tax you would get credit for taxes paid without any hurdle.

However, there is a reverse situation in GST era whereby it would not be possible or difficult for any individual to do the filing in GST manually the reason being:

  • Where it is hard, one return to be filed in a month or quarter or half yearly which is replaced by 3 mandatory returns in one state to be filed by all without any exceptions monthly on the GST portal.
  • In Pre GST, you were liable to take credit for the taxes paid without dependency whether or not your vendor or supplier has filed the return or not but in GST there is no way to get credit unless and until your counter party has filed as well as paid the tax in a timely manner which will have impact on companies working capital.
  • There was an option to revise the return filed earlier which is not there the GST era which means once the return if filed it is gone the only option available is to amend the details that too in the next month return.

Therefore, even though today an individual i.e. Consultant or any other person responsible for filing the GST return manually using excel sheet the same would require undergoing change by accepting automation over manual the reason being:

Today, as GST is new for all there are a lot of extensions with respect to the due dates of filing returns are provided which would not be the case once the GSTN portal is streamlined.

As every month the 3 returns to filed by the due date which would attract interest if the same is not filed by due date and also there may be cases because of your default your counter party would not be able to take credit for that particular month and vice versa.

So, based on the above it could be said that automation is the call of today i.e. In GST era to save ourselves from our old way of doing the filing manually and helping the nation to build our future.

Hence, we at Udyog Software provide Multiple GST solution base on Business requirements under one shelter as follows:

India INC businesses need following solutions to automate their business operations for GST compliance-

Transactions systems- This take cares of their day to day business operations include procurement, supply chains & accounting, Base on type & business requirements companies are using the standard accounting package, Global or Local ERP systems, Customized solution based on their operational requirements.

  • The number of transaction systems may be one or many depending on their business need.
  • Each of the systems needs GST impact & base on that they need to define the rules.
  • When Government changes the rules, they need to update base on the effective date.
  • Udyog provides Transactor / Addtax -GST tax engine for determination & computation of GST online & offline which takes care of current & future updates.
  • It gives GST invoice printing along with Digital signature & auto Email facility.
  • Its cover Domestic/export/RCM/Inter-branch/ISD invoice printing.
  • We also provide options for location wise, state wise, product wise invoice series with prefix & suffix series combination.

GST returns- Typically based on registration number each company needs to file returns as per due date, Monthly, quarterly & yearly. A number of returns very, but min 3 returns every company needs to file.

  • Udyog provides GST Returns from GSTR 1 to 10 with the auto-population process.
  • We take Raw date from ERP, Sanitized, Apply GST rules, Transform into Return formats with all respected validation & file through API from our portal to GSTN systems with a single sign in.

GST Compliance-Its New concept to India INC business, As mentioned above most of the companies before GST filing the return & doing the Audit yearly or when the government asks some information then dig from the systems.

But In GST every month following activities you need to do it

  • B2B reconciliation with your supplier
  • Matching of ITC credit against Government approved ITC report
  • Ledger reco with GSTN
  • And above you have to do it base on state wise/GSTN number wise.

Udyog provides complete Workflow with BPM capability which takes care of the above activities in our GST platform & also does Reco with your ERP systems.

Others Solutions offered by Udyog-

Supplier & Dealer management GST portal- which provides a Single view for companies to track & monitor the GST related activities from one location, the auto pushing of Invoices from the supplier & to the dealer to avoid duplication & miss match.

To summarized let’s start the GST Taxation Automation process through software so that no more manual tracking or maintenance & staff will follow this trend.

As GST is New & Under Digital India lets Automate your Tax Department with systems which never been addressed properly in the Pre-GST era.


Content Courtesy:

Veena Cheriyala

Manager – Enterprise Sales, Udyog Software

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