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Add agility to your
B2B commerce process
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Process Flow

Product Features

  • Centralized Inventory

    The portal has features that enable dealers to check inventory levels across all locations.

  • Product Catalog
    & Pricing

    Configure your catalog and pricing just once in your ERP and portal will be updated automatically thereby avoiding repetition efforts.

  • Multiple Integrations

    wnetrier you are using visual udyog. SAP B1 or Tally,The Dealer Portal can be integrated witn any such standard source system there by automating your process to a great extent

  • Business Analytics
    & Reports

    Business can monitor performance of dealers across locations, types, categories and use the insights to refine dealer strategy.

  • Dealer Offers & News

    Any offers or public updates to catalog items can be broadcasted with a single click to all dealers.

  • Alerts & Notifications

    Dealers and manufacturers can create workflow, exchange messages and receive real-time alerts and notifications regarding orders and payments.

Why Us

  • Self Service Portal

    Dealer’s efficiency can be improved exponentially as he can access information regarding products directly from the portal.

  • Dealer Specific Experience

    Customize pricing, catalog and other information specific to each dealer so that you can gain maximum arbitration advantage.

  • Improve Efficiency

    By monitoring dealer performance on a regular basis, you can choose to empower certain set of dealers thereby enhancing your business potential.

  • Compliance

    With this unified portal, now reconciling transactions for compliance purpose is a cake walk.

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