Direct Taxes

Udyog’s technology is among the best few in the world with tax engine covering plethora of Indian taxes – Direct – with intrinsic abilities to configure any taxation for calculation, processing and returns preparation.


Under Direct taxes, we take care of your entire TDS planning, computation and filing process. In our TDS we offer:

  • Form 24Q – Quarterly TDS statement of payments made under the head “Salaries”
  • Form 26Q – Quarterly TDS statement of payments, other than “Salaries”, but excluding payments made to non – residents.
  • Form 27Q – Quarterly TDS statement of payments made to non-resident, not being a company, or foreign company or resident but not ordinarily resident.
  • Form 27A – The above forms are accompanied with a declaration in Form 27A.
  • Form 27EQ: Quarterly statement of tax collected at source (TCS)

We strive for the highest quality and help you build a better road map by maximising your ROI. With Udyog Software, on your side, you can concentrate on achieving higher growth objectives.

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