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uBooks 360 is a Quality Offerings from Udyog Software. * T & C Apply

Simplicity redefined with zero learning curve.
Perfect for Traders & Retailers.

Invoicing made as simple as composing an email.

Never go wrong with serviced Item, Supplier and Customer Masters with accurate HSN &
Tax Rates and validated GSTIN numbers for Suppliers & Customers.

imagePerfect automated tax calculation with serviced masters & up-to-date tax rules.
image GSTIN search and validate. On the fly B2B customer addition while invoicing.
image Customer KYC & Loyalty.
Search & Discover B2B/B2C customer to record invoices.
imageAll 24 Transactions including sales, purchase, credit/debit, advances, receipts and more.

More Invoicing features to make it really easy.

Automation excellence gives you seamless conversion of orders to shipments
to invoicing to E-Way Bills to payment receipts to reconciliations.


Real time


Generate E-Way Bills from Invoices, Transporter updates and record Consignee GRN entry.


Record and tally payment
receipt against Invoices.
Generate credit / debit notes.


Option to digitally sign and
e-Deliver emails with acceptance


Advanced Bank, B2B (supplier &
Customer) & GSTN Reconciliation
& mismatch reporting.

Gain Advantage with just in time stocking by item.

Fulfill sales orders and process purchase orders with integrated inventory levels.
Offering in time stocking and savings.

imageFulfill Orders

Quick & Fast Sales Order processing for partial or complete fulfillment with faster and accurate information of inventory by location.


Live dashboard to monitor inventory levels by location against sales and purchase orders with Demand analysis by each item.

imageOrder Process

Process in-time purchase orders to replenish stock against real time stock levels and demand trend.Never go Out-of-stock and No Overstocking.


Purchase and Supply inventory from right locations to ensure savings on GST and transportation. Efficiently track orders

A robust multi location inventory for GST efficient fulfillment.

Stay in control with single or multi location inventory. Convert purchase inventory to
sales inventory effortlessly. Monitor inventory against demand by item.

imagePricing, Labeling & Catalogues
Accurate sales catalogue preparation with HSN mapping for items for tax rates. Option to add OMS for Marketplace Catalogues.
imageMulti-location inventory
Allocate inventory with Omni location fulfillment for savings on GST and logistic costs. Pre-assign inventory to Marketplace or preferred Orders.
imageInventory Conversion
Convert purchase items to sales inventory with option to do UoM conversion, re-labeling with SKU numbering and

Technology that will help you scale with your growth

We have you covered for today and tomorrow.
Robust technology with auto synchronized secured cloud/SaaS backup.

Accounting and Finance reporting made simple and readily available.

We got all aspects covered & adding more by each month

Chart of Accounts

Chart of Accounts


Dashboard widgets

Udyog Software is your technology
and support partner

Udyog commits to service excellence. We
take pride in ensuring our systems work for
customers anytime and every aspect.

imageGold Service Partner
Udyog’s Gold Service are handpicked to ensure customer satisfaction. Once a Partner is authorized they have the tools and access to support you 24/7.
imageFinance & Tax Professional
Once you authorize a CA Firm as your finance & tax consultant they have access to process your taxes and finance reports with one click from their offices.
imageSave with sureFile
Backed by udyogGSP by Adaequare. Serviced by Udyog Gold or Tax Partner.
Perfection rules ensured by eminent experts. Complete GST & TDS Filings.

Seamlessly integrated business automation solutions offering unmatched value to Manufacturing, Services and Trading companies.

Step ahead with Efficiency, Excellence
& Accuracy.

Intuitive Windows App that works offline and receives updates, backs up or integrates with GSTN or Partners when connected with internet.
Comes with integrated POS App that works on any mobile OS. Recommended devices read barcode & print bills.
Integrated Ecommerce With Marketplace Integrations for Catalogues, Order fulfillment, Inventory updates &
Payment reconciliations.
Managed and Assured GST and TDS filings by experts. We offer first line of defense for notices & audits against given data.

Your all inclusive cost. No hidden charges.
License, Support, Service & Storage included.

  • uBooks Includes
  • Gold Service Includes
  • SureFile Includes
Single User
₹ 10,000 / per year
  • Unlimited companies
  • Company level Dashboard
  • Setup & Masters
  • Continual support/service
  • 1 GSTIN Managed filings
  • 1 PAN TDS Managed filings


Multi User
₹ 4,000 / per year
for each additional user
  • Unlimited locations
  • Q&A forum & email support
  • Connected access
  • Q&A, forum chat & email
  • Add GSTIN @ ₹500 /month
  • Add TDS-PAN @ ₹500


Connect POS
₹ 2,000 / per year
for each POS App User
  • Unlimited companies
  • Q&A forum & email support
  • Auto updates
  • Change notifications
  • Compliance Dashboard
  • E-Way Bills/GSP included