An ERP software is the right catalyst for Growth & Success for Pharma Industries.

An ERP software is the right catalyst for Growth and Success for Pharma Industries.

An ERP software is the right catalyst for Growth & Success for Pharma Industries.

Chemical industry plays a major role in all phases of human life, as most of them are dependent on medicines. Chemicals industries are one of the fastest growing industries.

The industry is set to boom in 2019 as the experts predicting a healthy growth rate. The chemicals manufacturers thriving to improve and upgrade their operations management like adopting different technologies which are trending during the recent times. One of the major components of the manufacturers’ growth in 2018 was due to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. ERP systems continue to grow and forcing the manufacturing sector to update their IT infrastructure. In 2019 ERP is going to set new trends.

Below are some of the top ERP trends in 2019:

1) ERP at the Manufacturing floor: Till date major chemical manufacturing companies have largely used an ERP for chemicals to manage chemical formulation, compliance, QC, traceability issues, inventory management, accounting and many more. With the competition increased in 2019, chemical manufacturers have to integrate their ERP software more and more with the overall process. With these features the shop floor management will be able to get the real-time, machinery management & scheduling process more efficiently and be up to date.

2) Digitization: Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps the system to find out problems before they become major crisis for the manufacturing sectors. More data is going to be channeled into the system with the help of Internet of Things (IOT). In this competitive world the chemical manufacturers need an ERP for that can accommodate all of it. This features helps a lot as important data is collected and sent to the right people at the right place.

3) Data Management: Data plays an important role, like most valuable resource. Thus, a business needs a suitable tool that can have the ability to collect, report massive amounts of data for actionable impact. ERP system will become a precise tool in 2019 as chemical manufacturers look for the ERP software which is capable of extracting data from different areas to get new insights and new ways to generate revenue.

4) Industry-specific solutions: The past solution like standard ERP for all industries has become faded. In 2019 major companies are seeking ERP software solution that can help in delivering industry specific features, rather than like add-ons and customizations. Chemical manufacturers, has a number of complex & unique workflows, additionally there are a lot of compliance requirements for their industries, this makes most of the chemicals manufacturers to look for personalized solutions rather than the standard ERP software ones.

5) Security: In the above contest we have spoken about data. And also about technology facilitating more connected devices. With huge amount of data, users will become more of a threat to data security. A single ERP software system can’t cover all the above requirements mentioned. This makes industries look out for ERP systems which provide data security.

6) Mobile ERPs: Mobile ERP is another prominent trend today as all have entered into the mobile era. As most of the mobile websites and custom apps have become crucial for attracting customers, ERP stands for it. This feature helps employees to access the system anytime from its cloud-based storage and get all information at anytime and anywhere.

7) Automation: ERP solution with Process automation has an outstanding benefit for chemical manufacturers and enterprise level companies in particular. This feature helps to decrease timeframes, costs, manual error and many more. Most of the Businesses are increasingly getting aware of this fact and moving towards ERP with process automation in 2019.