Bid Good Bye to Tax Worries with Taxilla

Next to being shot at and missed, only few things are as rewarding as an income tax refund; and the basic requirement to revive this satisfaction is by filing your taxes on time. With the advent of electronic tax filing, the archaic process of filling your returns has been long forgotten. The e-filing process is a lot simpler and easier and saves a lot of time and rework. But, with this advanced facility, most tax payers wait till the last minute to file their taxes.
With the recent amendment by the Finance Minister, individuals having taxable income exceeding INR 5 lacs will have to e-file their returns and there will be an evident rise in people and organizations opting for tax automation and e-filing their tax returns.
Taxilla, our tax automation solution offers a variety of benefits to big and small organizations. The integrated user access feature in Taxilla allows a fine grained Access Control with:
· Role based permissions for better security
· All permissions to be approved by Organization’s Power User
· Centralized control of permissions incase of multi-location setup
Taxilla also provides a well-organized work queue which is beneficial for organizations.
· The operations are workflow enabled that require interaction between multiple users
· It helps in seamlessly synchronizing tasks between users in a workflow
· It helps reviewing pending tasks as it is clearly accessible to all the users
· It helps avoiding an email clutter.
· It helps defining alerts and automatic escalations and enables to monitor SLAs
Moreover, the software has a comprehensive review and approval workflow built into it. This feature helps in ensuring proper tax filings as either the internal or external tax experts or auditors. A systematic workflow minimizes the work load, provides multi level confirmations and collaborates with technical partners, tax professionals and auditors for review and approval.
Taxilla is embedded with right combination of knowledge and expertise and also offers live support via chat/phone/email in order to resolve any problems faced while using the software. With such umpteen benefits Taxilla definitely helps you bid good bye to your tax worries.

By Rohit Matlapudi

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