Pillars of Automated Tax Management: Integrate, Process and Generate
The world of taxes is constantly evolving at a lightning speed and there is no looking back. Today, organizations are
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Importance of Effective Tax Data Management
Today, we are in an era of increased regulatory controls and transparency, stricter deadlines and a shifting focus within tax
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iTax – A Comprehensive Solution For Managing Your Taxation Complexities
The Indian taxation system continues to be full of complexities. The system is self defeating in nature with constantly fluctuating,
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Top 8 Reasons Why Businesses Are Moving To Cloud
There was a time when questioned what ‘the cloud’ is, the immediate responses that followed were – an actual cloud
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Best Practices For Ensuring Successful Tax Processing System Implementation
It is important for businesses that sell their products and services in multiple areas to execute technology solutions to accurately
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Decoding The Direct Tax Code
The Direct Tax Code (DTC) is supposed to replace the archaic Income Tax Act (ITA) which has been levied since
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Gain Bigger And Better Insights – Integrate A Tax Platform With Your ERP System Now!
Earlier, it was rare that an organization would implement or enhance an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. However, significant acquisitions,
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Taxilla – A Cloud Based Solution for Easing Your Tax Concerns
In today’s digital age, various businesses are going global. The world is becoming a virtually borderless place and it is
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Benefits of Taxilla’s Electronic Form Entry
The process of filing the taxes has always been a tedious task; and with a complicated tax system in India
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