How to Choose the Right ERP Implementation Partner

How to Choose the Right ERP Implementation Partner?

How to Choose the Right ERP Implementation Partner

Most Of The research You’ve done regarding ERP software, you’ve made down your choices. Finalised your decision and are ready to implement a new ERP software solution.
But buying and implementing an ERP software solution isn’t like buying and installing a small product. ERP software is an most complex and huge investment is needed which will impact your business for years in future. Basically you should consider an partner who not only knows about your product but also should work with your team and provide the upmost support which makes the project a success. An suitable ERP software partner will work with you to develop a plan and implement it will manage the implementation process and provide long-term support.

What criteria should you consider before choosing a partner

Compelling product roadmap : Your partner should be able to understand how does the new ERP software will integrate with your old software and processes. A partner should be working closely with the software provider to remain up to date on the latest ERP software technologies. They have easy access to the technical experts and should have a relationship with other vendors involved with integrated software.

Local implementer and support : Partner should also be familiar and experienced with the processes and business requirements which your industry is in need of. As there would be need of specific modules integration for your particular industry vertical. Being an technical knowledge they should be experienced in working in others fields of your industry. Rather than an ERP software partner, find a partner who has a track record of successful implementation with other companies in your same field. They should be in a situation to understand your present needs as well as your in future long-term goals.

Platform flexibility and scalability : Usually An ERP software deployment can last for months, which requires hundreds of decisions and many late nights decisions and workout. Team must be able to interact with your ERP software provider partner throughout the deployment process and in the coming years. Not only trusting your partner technical expertise but also their work culture and their way of behaviour and communication with your teammates.Team should be comfortable interacting with them and should be easily accessible and should show professionalism and customer-oriented approach for your organization requirements and desires.