How UdyogERP Can Save Pharma Industries Resources and Time?

How UdyogERP Can Save Pharma Industries Resources and Time?

How UdyogERP Can Save Pharma Industries Resources and Time?

The pharmaceutical industries are seeing a great surge in terms of revenue growth and research operations on a huge level across the globe, ranked at 3rd in the world in terms of volume and 14th in terms of revenue. Pharmaceutical industries are contributing almost a quarter to the Indian total revenue.

Major technical problems faced by the Indian pharmaceuticals industries are: 

  • Being accurate and precise which will be cost-effective
  • Maintaining the product quality and adequate production.
  • Reducing the manufacturing costs occuring.
  • Planning & Storage of goods as many of them will be perishable goods.
  • Data sharing across all the different departments across the different locations.
  • GST compliant taxation & accounting software

How UdyogERP software system can help you solve the complex problems:

  • Automation will help in a lot of cost cutting and allows the organization to optimize the resources.
  • Quality management feature helps the company to stay compliant with the industry standards and helping them to reduce the excessive production costs.
  • With an inventory management, you can control the inward and outward supply without affecting the production processes, cost and delays.
  • The pharmaceutical industry is very susceptible to environment, any little change in storage could result in a different output. This is where planning is very important for the Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Data sharing between different departments using centralized ERP software system where data can be easily shared with all higher authrity people and helps the company to yield better results.
  • UdyogERP software is backed by Udyog Software, a leader in taxation, users can automatically upload the returns to the GSTN portal in a simple manner.

Other UdyogERP software features include:

  • Material tracking with Bar-coding.
  • Production Automation
  • Basic & Advanced Accounting
  • HR Payroll & Management
  • Advanced dashboards & Analytics
  • Sales & Purchase Reports
  • Engineering operations
  • Purchase History
  • Export documentation
  • Effective Cost Management
  • Warehouse management
  • Production Planning
  • Order processing
  • Supply chain management
  • Quality control
  • EXIM

Enterprise Resource Planning Software implementation could be very hard if you do not partner with the correct solution provider, a right solution can ensure your success and helps in business growth.