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Did you know? The indirect taxation process involves a number of legal risks and consumes almost 16-22% of your organizations’ operating profit! The Indian taxation environment has always been dominated by a variety of indirect taxes on an adhoc basis to meet deficits. The complexity and imbalance in the tax system due to corruption offers enough scope for avoiding and evading taxes. It is also noted that only 1% of the Indian population comes under the purview of direct taxation whereas 100% citizens are affected by indirect taxation.
Visual Udyog acts as your complete business automation partner that is easy to use indirect taxation software which provides an accurate and integrated solution to handle both your business and tax compliance needs. It helps in reducing the effort spent on tax related paperwork and indirectly allows the resources to focus on other important areas of the business.
Visual Udyog serves as the cutting edge taxation solution and some of the main features that help it to stand out are listed below:
Individual taxation modules work independently & can also be combined for better usability
Supports different taxation modules like central excise, service tax, VAT, TDS, GTA.
Can be configured as per your business requirement. Code changes not required
Generate all statutory reports required by the officials
Financial Accounting module to maintain financial transactions and to generate financial reports.
MIS Reports to make business decisions
Data Security through a Security module and user authentication
Equipped with different modules to handle all types of Indirect taxes like Excise Manufacturing, Excise Trading, Service TAX, VAT, TDS, GTA, and Work Contract Tax.
The software solution also supports core business modules like financial accounting, inventory & order processing and business Intelligence efficiencies that help in streamlining the entire operational process across the organization and with better process efficiency, you can control the unnecessary expenses and maximize returns.

By Udyog Software Marketing Team

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