Manual Tax Calculation Vs Automated Tax Software

Does the complex tax environment give jitters to you and your organization at the end of every tax season? The manual process of calculating tax involves a lot of paper work and is very time consuming. It requires surfing through various sources for understanding the latest revised tax rules and regulations from time to time.

Filing your taxes is no longer a complex and time consuming process involving calculators and headaches. Listed below are a few advantages of using a tax software over the traditional manual approaches of tax calculation.

Saves Time: Calculating tax manually usually takes several days or even few weeks to process the paper work and file the returns. With a tax automation software, the whole process can be completed within a few hours if your documentation is in place.

Economical: The traditional process of handling your taxes manually is lengthy and expensive. There are multiple numbers of tax forms to be filled. Due to the complexity of these forms, they need to be read and reviewed a lot of times and require a thorough understanding before signing on the dotted line which is time consuming. Moreover, if you plan to hire a tax expert, he may charge you twice the amount of a tax software package.

Simple & Accurate: A tax automation software will guide you through a step by step procedure thus ensure a simple, accurate and hassle free taxpaying process whereas there is a possibility that the human touch while doing it manually may be prone to errors and might lack accuracy and thus delay the process.

Global Access: Various tax automation softwares like Taxilla introduced by Udyog Software provide cloud based solutions which allow online access of the data to the user thus curbing down the geographical boundaries. Doing your taxes manually may require you to meet your Chartered Accountant and visit the income tax department frequently with your set of documents. This may be troublesome if both parties are not closely located.

Up-to-date: Regular updates of a tax software are released from time to time thus it keeps pace with the ever changing tax environment whereas if you are doing your taxes manually you may not be aware of the latest tax rules and this may ultimately lead to rework thus causing a delay in the process.

The bottom line is that a tax automation software proves to be a lot more beneficial than traditional manual tax calculation techniques. It is accurate, easy to access and saves a lot of time and money. Finally, the complexity of your finances should be the key deciding factor.

By Udyog Software Marketing Team

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