Taxilla is a comprehensive tax automation platform which facilitates accurate tax processing and efiling by leveraging the power of SaaS computing with expertise in taxation.

An Adaequare Product offered in India by Udyog Software Pvt Ltd.

Taxilla integrates with all major global ERPs and targets the entire spectrum of tax processing requirements – tax computation at transaction level, setup of tax organization, maintenance of statutory compliance documentation, tax credit management, generation of statutory reports and returns, electronic return generation etc

A unique solution, Taxilla allows you to file your taxes accurately and ensure rejection free returns. Taxilla enables the users to upload tax data either manually or via XML, CSV and TXT formats or process it to generate statutory compliant e-Returns. Taxilla also has one of the best data security systems in place ensuring 100% compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. At the same time, Taxilla uses a sturdy approval process and detailed audit trails to ensure that the final generated report is fully validated and error free.

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SaaS/Cloud Platform

Taxilla is a cloud based solution on SaaS platform which works without the installation of software, complex activation or hardware dongles. All you need is a browser with internet connection to activate your subscription and start filing. The benefits of Taxilla being on Cloud/SaaS platform include:

  • No hardware installation necessary as it can be accessed via the web
  • Entire tax ecosystem
  • Updated tax rules
  • Scalable platform with the ability to process huge data
  • Easy to subscribe
  • Huge market reach
  • Lower Cost of Support & Service
  • Leveraging innovative technology
  • Secured with 128 bit data encryption

SAS/70 and ISO 27001 Compliant

SaaS 70 and ISO 27001 Compliance offers complete data security for financial data in source systems, data warehouses, and data marts by preventing unauthorized user access. The high security features include

  • Centralized data and audit security
  • Secure network and policy management
  • Comprehensive risk management review
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Comprehensive Audit logs
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • 128 bit data encryption during transmission
  • Detailed system access logs
  • 24×7 System Monitoring

Bank Grade Security

RSA compliant 2048 bit encryption framework to take care of secured transactions, which are “bank grade”.

Physical Security
Security for data zones are ensured with an impenetrable SIX ZONE SECURITY system. Unwanted visitors will never make it in.

  • Gunmen at entrance and exit gates
  • Man-trap at the datacenter entrance
  • 24/7 security throughout the datacenter
  • Three levels of bio-metric access control for the server area
  • 24/7 CCTV monitoring
  • Restriction of access to visitors, if any
  • Identification check with proof of photo ID
  • Entry into data center only with escort
  • Retention of photos and video footage for 30 days

Internet Security

  • Sensitive data is encrypted
  • All connections are protected using security protocols
  • Multi-layer perimeter security is provided by firewalls
  • Servers updated with the latest security patches
  • Servers have been penetration tested
  • Redundant routers, switches, server clusters and backup systems ensure high availability

Secure SAS 70 Type II compliant Architecture

Taxilla is designed as a fully compliant SaaS system, offering complete data security for financial data in source systems, data warehouses, and data marts.

  • SAS 70 Type II compliant; Centralized data and audit security, backup, and system controls that support the audit process
  • Data access via a synchronized identity management and single sign-on capability
  • Backup, restore, and recovery mechanisms beyond the standard data mart offerings
  • Detailed system access logs
  • Comprehensive Audit logs
  • Secure network and policy management
  • Multi-tenancy and security
  • Integrated dashboards and system monitoring
  • Stringent Security protocols to ensure complete information and data security


As an ISO27001 certified product, Taxilla’s Information Security Management System ensures 100% compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

  • International Standards and Industry-best practices
  • Overall information security strategy consolidated and aligned with different compliance programs
  • Cost effective Risk Management
  • Regular Compliance and risk-based audits – Complete Information System audit

Award-winning IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) strategy – Awarded the CIO Choice 2013 in the Governance, Risk and Compliance category.

All taxes, all locations

Taxilla allows you to process all taxes for all your locations under one platform. If you are a company with multiple locations, Taxilla centralizes your administration and tracks right from head office to branches. With Taxilla you can process & file

Indirect Taxes

  • Excise (Manufacturing/Trading)
  • Service Tax
  • Works Contract
  • Octroi
  • Entry Tax

Direct Taxes

  • Payroll TDS
  • Corporate TDS
  • TCS

Statutory Compliances

  • SEZ (Unit)
  • SEZ (Developer)
  • Export Oriented Unit
  • Export Documentation
  • Import Documentation
  • Licensing Schemes

Review Approval Workflow

Taxilla makes sure that all your tax filings are reviewed and approved through our extensive audit trail and workflow feature. In this, all tax filings are reviewed and approved by either internal or external tax experts or auditors. This ensures complete transparency at all times. The workflow

  • Reduces the workload
  • Provides multi-level confirmations
  • Collaborates with technical partners, tax professionals and auditors for review and approval

Customized Workflow

A customizable workflow allows the user to:

  • Seamlessly orchestrate the review/approval mechanism
  • Configure the solution as per their (customer) requirements
  • Automatically assign different roles based on workflow status
  • Utilize built-in escalation, alerts and reminders
  • Trace of all requests from initiation to closure

Tax Configuration Engine

Taxilla’s unique tax configuration engine includes

  • Support for multi-level tax on tax
  • Rule based configuration as per requirements
  • Header and detail level combination of taxes, discounts and charges
  • Flexibility to specify tax applicability and sequencing order
  • Automatic GL posting
  • Formula builder to support complex tax computations
  • Dynamic inclusion of taxes in statutory reports and screens
  • Parameterized state-wise Declaration Forms tracking (C-Form)

The software also incorporates changes required to support new taxes like GST in the creation of additional reports

J2EE Technology Stack

Taxilla is built on n-tier logical architecture model which can be grouped into five physical tiers. Each tier in the logical and physical tiers performs a specific function and acts as a supplier to the tiers immediately surrounding it.

Client Tier
Taxilla uses HTML with JQuery Controls, Ajax and HTML5 (for mapper component) to reduce network traffic and better performance. Taxilla also can support custom widgets, which can act as clients and communicate with Taxilla to achieve the desired functionality.
Ajax and RESTful Web services naturally fit with each other. They both leverage widely available Web technologies and standards such as HTML, JavaScript, browser objects, XML/JSON, and HTTP. RESTful Web services provide Ajax with a very simple API to deal with the interactions with resources on the server.

Service Tier
Service tier is responsible for creating domain specific objects. The goal of the service tier is to implement the service specific rules by utilizing the underlying domain objects. After receiving a request from the client tier, the Service Tier requests the service from the business logic layer. The Service Tier identifies all the conceptual entities that the system exposes as resources and assigns a unique URI to each of them. Service Tier is implemented via Spring framework.

Domain Tier
Business rules are centralized into the business logic layer that serves as an intermediary for data exchange between the presentation layer and the data access layer. Data is provided to the Service Tier in the form of domain objects or value objects. Decoupling the Service Tier from the domain tier helps facilitate code reuse, and leads to a flexible and extensible architecture.

Data Access Tier
Data access tier provides a consistent programming interface for the service developer, which abstracts platform business logic from the underlying data source. The domain tier is the only direct consumer of data access tier. Data access tier utilizes the following:

  • Hibernate for standard data storage which in turn can be configured to support any standard RDBMS
  • File Management layer which can be configured to use local file system or no-sql storage solution (At present MongoDB is used to store files to enhance clustering support)

Integration Tier
Integration Tier is the backbone of Taxilla and provides the ability of Taxilla to integrate with upstream and downstream applications for data transfer. Taxilla provides both real-time and batch mode of integration using the following integration methods – Web services, DB and FTP. All such integrations can be secured via various security mechanisms – Web Services via HTTPS protocol; DB via native database protocols; FTP via FTPS protocol. Exchange of confidential data can be handled via encryption methods via PGP or PKI.

Cloud Based ETL Engine

Taxilla provisions a cloud based ETL (Exraction, Transformation and Load) Architecture for extracting the raw data from customer, transforming the data to predefined canonical forms, using data qualification, validation, mapping, data correction and using delta data capture. Once the data is well qualified, it is uploaded for further processing and statutory reporting and filing.

Multiple Tenancy Models

Taxilla is built to support a multiple tenancy model, wherein a single instance of the software runs on a server, serving multiple client organizations / tenants. So, Taxilla can not only serve multiple users within an organization, but can work for multiple organizations.

Web 2.0 UI with HTML 5 / JQuery

Taxilla is built using JQuery /HTML framework and uses Web 2.0 UI. HTML 5 enables better error handling, reduction in usage of external plugins, more markups to replace scripting. Taxilla uses HTML with JQuery Controls, Ajax and HTML5 (for mapper component) to reduce network traffic and submissions and provide fast response to the end user and reduce load on the server.

Electronic Form Entry

In Taxilla, the electronic form entry feature ensures that all field edits, validations, business rules are enforced at the time of entry itself, thereby eliminating errors. The user can now enter data online without worrying about filing with excel sheets because the electronic form entry feature

  • Generates an automatic electronic form as per the tax reports selected
  • Forms are formatted with description on how the fields are to be used
  • Supports numeric data types, date fields and dropdowns
  • Executes automated calculation of fields while conditionally mandatory and default values simplify data entry experience
  • Simplifies data entry experience

Dynamic Delta Capture

The dynamic delta capture feature is unique to Taxilla as it is not present in any of the competitors’ software. It is a unique functionality which captures missing data while recording business transactions thereby reducing the chances of making an error. In short, the Delta Capture ensures that all required taxation information is captured and validated prior to processing.
Taxilla also ensures validation of all input data against the field edits and business rules. We double check with the approved validation utility, thereby further reducing the risk of rejection.

  • Typically used when the ERP system is unable to capture the required taxation information,
  • Provision to correct the data online and enter additional information required for taxation.
  • A complete audit trail ensures that updates are properly tracked
  • Supports bi-directional feed back to the client’s ERP.

Comprehensive Audit Trial

In Taxilla, the user is able to view a comprehensive audit trail, a feature which ensures that all the changes made to the original file before filing can be reviewed by the user. The feature promotes:

  • Complete versioning of all the report metadata including templates, elements, validations, tax rules, report formats
  • Support for multiple active versions wherever applicable
  • Automatic version detection based on configuration
  • Ability to generate historical reports as per the format and rules existing during that period

Online Mapping

The online mapping feature allows a user to remap his input filing data online in such a way that it can be correctly processed for successful filing of returns.

  • Using our expression builder, user can modify his filing data
  • Ensure that your data is error-free before filing

Integrated user access

Integrated user access in Taxilla allows for fine Grained Access Control with

  • Role based permissions for better security
  • All permissions to be approved by Organization’s Power User
  • Centralized control of permissions incase of multi-location setup

For enhanced security, permission can be restricted at the lowest level – report level, tax type level and location level or organization level.

Online Business Validation

Taxilla validates that the updated data, after delta capture, adheres to target business rules and validations. This feature allows the user to

  • Correct data online
  • Enter additional information required
  • Ensure that the data adheres to business rules & validations

Audit Friendly Versioning

Taxilla has built-in version management with automatic detection to reduce human errors and ensure higher accuracy of report generation.

Integrator Infrastructure

The software has a sturdy and robust integrator infrastructure which ensures easy and seamless integration with external systems. The Infrastructure is composed of:

Integration Choices

  • FTP
  • Messaging
  • Database
  • Web Service


  • Tally
  • SAP B1
  • QAD EE
  • SAP R3

Connection Type

  • Connector
  • Convertor

Work Queues

A work queue works on the three principles of collaboration, monitoring and execution and helps the user define and prioritize his work in an orderly manner. The benefits of a well-organized work queue are numerous:

  • Operations are workflow enabled requiring interaction between multiple users
  • Seamlessly synchronize tasks between users in a workflow
  • Pending tasks are clearly visible to the users
  • Avoid email clutter
  • Alerts and automatic escalations can be defined to monitor SLAs

Live Support and Knowledgebase

Taxilla represents a constant effort to deliver unique and innovative solutions to our customers and improve the customer experience. Hence, we try to provide six day support to users via chat/phone/email for any problems faced while using or accessing Taxilla. Taxilla’s integrated support ensures that you have access to all the answers for your questions.

Taxilla is also supported by extensive tax knowledge, database of industry experts and the best tax consultants in the industry, in the right combination of knowledge and expertise.

Taxilla Packages

eTDS Complete

Corporate TCS & TDS, Payroll TDS…

TDS 27EQ, TDS 24Q, TDS 26Q, TDS 27Q…

Integration, Data Prep, Audit Services…

Service Companies
Special Package

Service Tax, Payroll TDS, Corporate TDS…

ST-3, TDS 24Q, TDS 26Q…

Integration, Data Prep, Audit Services…

Manufacturers Special

Excise Returns, Service Tax, Payroll TDS…

ER-1, ER-3, ER-8, ST-3, TDS 24Q…

Integration, Data Prep, Audit Services…

Traders Delight

Dealer’s Return, Corporate TDS…

Form 2, TDS 26Q…

Integration, Data Prep, Audit Services…

Taxes Covered

Direct Taxes

Statutory Compliances

Payroll Taxes

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