Automation allows SMEs to streamline their business processes, reduce costs, improve productivity, leverage industry best practices, stay compliant with tax rules and procedures and more informed decision making.

13500+ satisfied and delighted customers are supported via Udyog and partner offices pan India.

Automation leads you to streamline your business processes, reduce costs, improve productivity, leverage industry best practices, stay compliant with tax rules and procedures and make more informed decision.

Visual Udyog lends itself to adaption and changes:

  • Comprehensive business automation solution covering all the key functional areas of the organization
  • Complete taxation solution with Excise for Manufacturers and Traders, Service Tax, GTA, ISD, Works Contract, VAT, TDS, Octroi, Entry Tax.
  • Powerful configuration options to support all major industry verticals
  • MIS & BI reports, SMS and automated alerts that provides visibility to business and helps better decision making
  • Customizable workflow, validations and triggers to meet all your company specific requirements
  • Advanced ERP features like Order Amendment, Automatic transaction posting, Item Variants, Material Requirements Planning, Stock Reservation, multi-level BOM with support for by-products, Multi-Company reporting etc.
  • Canned Features and Reports allow you to pay only for what you want and when you want
  • Report Wizard with multiple selection criteria and user defined filters and support for multiple export formats
  • Powerful multitasking and multi-user environment capable of supporting 100+ users.
  • Well defined product roadmap and editions with complete upgrade compatibility



  • Simple and easy to use solution for businesses with standalone taxation needs.
    Ideal for SMEs with 7 users or less.
  • Basic accounting included. .
  • Statutory reports, returns included. ..
  • Seamless upgrade to VU Professional on demand. ...


  • Scalable and cost-effective solution for enterprises seeking an ERP configured to meet all their requirements.
    Ideal for enterprises with 20-50 users.
  • Configured for all business processes. .
  • BI Reports for management decision making. ..
  • ...


  Standard version Professional Version Enterprise Version

System Features

Taxation right right right
Included major taxation modules 1 1 2
Excise Tax star

any one of the two


any one of the two

Service Tax right
TDS star star right
Works Contract star star right
VAT/CST star star right
Core Accounting right right right
TDS Computation Report right right right
VAT Computation Report right right right
Advanced Accounting right right right
Forms/Letters Module star right right
Core Order processing cross right right
Order Amendment cross star right
Core Inventory Management cross right right
Import/Export Masters right right right
Attach files star right right
Integration with other a/c packages star star right
Multiple Users right right right
Multiple UOM star right right
Multiple Currencies cross right right
Multi-company reporting cross star right
MIS Reports star star right
BI Reports star star right
Customization Custom fields and triggers Additional screens and reports Additional modules and custom workflow
Compare More Features

right – Feature is included in the module pricing

cross – Feature is not available

star – Feature is available as an option

Taxes Covered

Direct Taxes

Statutory Compliances

Payroll Taxes

  Standard version Professional Version Enterprise Version

System Features

Easy to Setup and Easy to Use right right right
Powerful Configuration settings right right right
Add custom fields on demand right right right
Workflow customization right right right
Add narrations right right right
Attach files to transactions star right right
Cheque printing star right right
Copy existing transactions right right right
Multiple UOMs star right right
Multiple Currencies star right right
Flexible voucher numbering series with ability to define multiple series for each voucher type right right right
Print preview right right right
Printing on pre-printed stationery, plain paper. right right right
Supports Dot-matrix and laser printers, 80 and 133 column format right right right
Multiple years star star right
Data Export into multiple formats (Excel, PDF, Word, HTML, CSV etc.) star star right
Multi-tasking star star right
User defined report formats star right right
User defined report filters (group-wise, item-wise, party-wise, date_wise, department, category, warehouse etc.) right right right
Backup and restore entire environment right right right
User definable hot keys right right right


Meets all the requirements for manufacturing, trading and service companies right right right
Basic accounting with general ledgers, registers right right right
Financial reporting with Balance sheet, profit and loss, trial balance right right right
Bank reconciliation right right right
Creditor analysis (outstanding and ageing) both bill-wise and party-wise right right right
Interest reports on late payments, unsecured loans etc. right right right
Zoom-in reports for drill-down analysis of ledgers right right right
MIS reports for cash flow, account analysis, general summary, unallocated receipts and payments etc. right right right
BI reports for registers star right right
Credit limits for Suppliers and customers right right right
Reminder letters for declaration and outstanding payments star right right
Party and bills on hold star right right

Excise Manufacturing

Supports all types of manufacturers – LTU, SSI & non-SSI units right right right
Industry specific reports for Steel, Apparel, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals etc. star right right
Calculation of Excise duty on the basis of MRP/Abatement/Pro-rata/Deemed Credit right right right
User definable percentage of excise duty and additional duties like BED, AED, NCCD, SED, Edu Cess, S&H Cess etc. right right right
Generation of multiple invoice formats right right right
Auto-BOM generation right right right
Job work issue and receipt right right right
Group company concept – allows companies star right right
Progressive calculation (considering Branded / Unbranded / Without Export Value) right right right
Automatic duty debit right right right
Export related activities (Rebate claim, CT-3 & Bond/LUT) right right right
An option of daily / monthly posting with differential rate invoice entry right right right
Keeps upto date with latest excise rules right right right
Serial number generation – date, item, chapter, group right right right
Utility for Integration with other accounting packages star star right
Complete integration with Udyog accounting right right right
Auto posting of entries into RG 23 A – Part I & II registers from Purchase & Sales & Issues right right right
Auto generation and posting of PLA Account right right right
Trading activities by manufacturer right right right
Loan licensing process? star right right
Statutory registers – RG23A Part I, RG23A Part II, RG23C Part I, RG23C Part II, Form IV, Form V, PLA, Duty Register, Removal Summary, CENVAT Rule 7 Input and Capital Registers, Input service tax credit register right right right
Reports on Duty Payable, Duty Available, Deemed Credit availed, Daily Production and Captive Use Stock Ledger (Date / Invoice / Chapter / Group-wise) right right right
Statutory reports and returns – ER1, ER2, ER3, ER5, ER6, Abstract and proforma for monthly returns for Input / Capital Goods under Rule 7 with/without Closing Balance (Cenvat) right right right
Monthly Revenue Reports and Stock Statements with Assessable/ Export Value, Excise/ Export Duty, & Closing Stock right right right
Front-office documents – Excise invoice, daily input/output – to/from production slip, GAR-7 (TR-6) challans right right right
Reports for Labor Job Units
• Annexure II, Annexure VI and Subsidiary Challans for Job Work
• Labor Job Challans Under Rule 12B for textile industry
• Annexure IV and V Stock Registers for receipt of raw materials, Inputs, Goods sent for processing, Semi – Finished Goods, etc.,
right right right
Excise MIS Reports
•Transactionwise Capital Goods Credit Details
• Monthly Finished Goods Statement
• Duty Available MIS
• Transactionwise Credit Details Input
• Cenvat Credit Delayed MIS Report
• Capital Goods 50% Duty Credit to be Taken
right right right
Reports for Exporters
• B1 Bond & CT 3 Registers
• ARE 1 & 3 Forms for removal of excisable goods for Export/ from a bonded warehouse to another
• ARE 1 & 3 Certificates by the Central Excise Officer
• Invoice of goods liable to CED in India transmitted under Central Excise Seal to Nepal & Bhutan
• Annexure 18 Proforma of Running Bond Account
• Annexure 19 Part I for Removal of Export in the Current Month
• Annexure 19 Part II for Proof of Export Received for Earlier Quarters
• Annexure 19 Part III for ARE 1 not been Received by Exporter
• Annexure 19 Part IV for ARE 1 not been Received Under the Limit
• Annexure 19 Part V for Abstract of Bond
• Appendix 21 Register for Maintenance of Consumption & Stock of Imported Raw Material Components by Actual Users
right right right

Excise Trading

Supports all types of traders – Metal, Steel, Pharma, Chemical, Export, Engineering, Clothing, Petrochemicals, right right right
Fast Excise Invoice Generation from Purchase right right right
Options in two units (e.g. Kgs or No. of bags) & to add Excise duty in final value right right right
Utility for Integration with other accounting packages star star right
Complete integration with Udyog accounting right right right
Direct posting from Invoice to RG 23 D Register right right right
Variable duty rate selection while making invoice right right right
Multiple warehouses with option of warehouse transfer right right right
Excise invoice with multiple item details right right right
Automatic duty pass from purchase to sales right right right
Shortage/Excess stock handling right right right
Auto Generation of RG Page Number right right right
* Sales / Purchase Register Date-wise / Item-wise / Party-wise
* Stock Register Invoice-wise
* Cenvatable Invoice Register with Excise / Commercial/ All option
right right right
Excise reports
* RG 23D Godown-wise Register
* Form-II
* Total Cenvat Received / Issued Bill-wise / Godown-wise
* Annexure – D
right right right
M I S Reports
* Balance Stock Item-wise / Godown-wise / Party-wise
* Buyer / Consignee List
* Importer / Manufacturer / Supplier List
right right right
BI Drilldown reports for Modvat received, passed and summary right right right
BI Drilldown reports for stock balance position star right right

Service Tax

Integrated with regular transactions like Purchase, Expense purchase etc. to avail input credit against service tax right right right
Services with provisions for Taxable, Non-Taxable, Exempt and Export Services and linked to Service Tax Classification right right right
Support for marking services performed as Pure-agent right right right
Service tax input credit for Taxable, Exempt and Import services right right right
Single bank payment/receipt against multiple bills or services right right right
Automatic computation of service tax on sales, debit note, credit note etc. for ST3 report generation right right right
GTA module with Input and Output freight With MIS Reports like
(i) Output Service Tax As Per Inward GTA Bill
(ii) Output Service Tax As Per Outward GTA Bill
right right right
Customizable invoice formats with ability to add custom fields, bill level or service level taxes, rounding off etc. right right right
Statutory reports – ST3 and GAR-7 Challan right right right
MIS Reports :-
•Input service tax as per bill
•Input service tax available as per payment
•Output Service tax as per Invoice
•Output service tax payable as per receipt
•Service Tax Summary
•Service Tax Self Assessment Audit Report
right right right
Integrates with other Udyog modules like Excise Manufacturing, Trading, TDS, Accounting right right right
Integrates with ISD module for companies who want to distribute their input credit to their units providing taxable services or manufacturing excisable goods right right right

Order Processing

Extensive option for Sales & Purchase order module cross right right
Approval System cross right right
Graphical & Flexi-Grid report options for Pending
Orders vs. Stock Available
cross right right
Order Termination / Cancellation cross right right
Salesman wise order booking cross right right
Standard Pricing / Stockiest / Wholesale / Branch
Transfer pricing, Customized end-user pricing
cross right right
Standard Quotation, Purchase Request & more cross right right
Zoom-IN option from report – excellent screen &
print reporting – Item wise / Party wise
cross right right
Supports concept of group company cross star right

Inventory Management

Batch wise / Lot wise, With or without Expiry Date concepts, Physical Stock Taking Entry, Maintain stock of “Non -Stock” items like Assets, Computers, Keyboards, AC,Pen, Pencil etc., Issue material for repair / receive from repair / Scrap etc. cross right right
Multiple Units of Measurements can be maintained. cross right right
Can add stock valuation (FIFO,LIFO,Average, Weighted
cross right right
Warehouse-wise inventory management cross right right


Pre-defined list of sales & purchase classifications right right right
Complete tracking of each transaction till annual returns right right right
Printing of Tax invoice right right right
VAT computation report right right right
VAT Returns right right right
Sales Register right right right
Item wise sales register right right right
Sales Tax Summary & Detail right right right
Sales return registers right right right
Purchase Register right right right
Item wise purchase register right right right
purchase Tax Summary & Detail right right right
Expense Purchase register right right right
Sales Tax Form List right right right
Sales Tax form Reminder letter right right right
Sales tax form issue list Detail right right right
Sales tax form Receive list detail right right right


Accounting for tax on partial/full payment of bills right right right
Flexibility for auto and manual calculation of TDS right right right
Complete tracking of each transaction from deduction to payment right right right
Challan management and printing for prompt and accurate filing of tax right right right
The Auto allocation feature prevents error-prone data entry and helps track the transactions faster right right right
Form 16A management:
• Can be printed for a transaction
• Can be printed for a period
• Can be printed yearly
right right right
Allows multi-party printing right right right
Exporting of data in NSDL compliant TDS file format right right right
Electronic format (e-TDS return) with Form 26Q, Form 26 , Form 27 and Form 27A which will be validated by the utility, provided by the government right right right
Generates Form 16A, TDS Challan, TDS Computation and TDS Payable reports right right right
TDS Annexure- Deductee wise break-up of TDS right right right
Payment detail of TDS deduction right right right

Premium Features

Order Amendment cross star right
Batch Costing star right right
Item Variants star right right
Warehouse-wise inventory management cross star right
Multi Company Sales Order Viability cross star right
Advanced Inventory reports cross right right
Advanced Accounting Reports star right right
Split Quantity Management star right right

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