Proved to be the most effective business automation product which has successfully resolved any challenges faced by a Chemical or Pharmaceutical company.

Comprehensive Quality, Production, Inventory and Order Processing Solution with complete Taxation

BASF, Rohdia, Reliable chemicals, Har Siddhy chemicals, Classic Chemicals, Solvay, KalpSutra Chemicals, Vishnupriya Chemicals and many more from the Chemical and Pharma industry among our 13500+ satisfied and delighted customers being supported via Udyog and partner offices pan India.

In Business Automation, the Production Planning & Control and Inventory Management continue to remain the major areas of maximum challenges – This is majorly due to lack of real effective products within budget.

The new module in Visual Udyog products include all major processes and reports which are required by any company from the Chemical or Pharma industry.


  • Work in progress (WIP), also called work in process, is inventory that has begun the manufacturing process and is no longer included in raw materials inventory but is not yet a completed product.
  • Batch-wise Tracking Module helps in complete tracking of stocks at the batch-level or lot-level.
  • Batch-wise Quality Control (QC) Module is used to track and document quality of both raw materials as well as the finished goods.
  • Batch Processing Module is a sequence of one more steps (recipe) usually carried out in more than one vessel and in a defined order, yielding a finished product.
  • MIS & BI reports, SMS and automated alerts that provides visibility to business and helps better decision making
  • Powerful configuration options to support all major industry verticals.
  • Customizable workflow, validations and triggers to meet all your company specific requirements.
  • Comprehensive business automation solution covering all the key functional areas of the organization.
  • Complete taxation solution with Excise for Manufacturers and Traders, Service Tax, GTA, ISD, Works Contract, VAT, TDS, Octroi, Entry Tax.
  • Advanced ERP features like Order Amendment, Automatic transaction posting, Item Variants, Material Requirements Planning, Stock Reservation, multi-level BOM with support for by-products, Multi-Company reporting etc.
  • Complete taxation solution with Excise for Manufacturers and Traders, Service Tax, GTA, ISD, Works Contract, VAT, TDS, Octroi, Entry Tax.
  • Canned Features and Reports allow you to pay only for what you want and when you want.
  • Report Wizard with multiple selection criteria and user defined filters and support for multiple export formats.
  • Powerful multitasking and multi-user environment capable of supporting 100+ users.
  • Well defined product roadmap and editions with complete upgrade compatibility
Enterprise Version

System Features

Taxation right
Included major taxation modules 2
Excise Tax right
Service Tax right
TDS right
Work-In-Progress-Module right
Inventory Control with Expiry Date Module right
Batch-wise Tracking Module right
Batch-wise QC Module right
Works Contract right
VAT/CST right
Core Accounting right
TDS Computation Report right
VAT Computation Report right
Advanced Accounting right
Forms/Letters Module right
Core Order processing right
Order Amendment right
Core Inventory Management right
Import/Export Masters right
Attach files right
Integration with other a/c packages right
Multiple Users right
Multiple UOM right
Multiple Currencies right
Multi-company reporting right
MIS Reports right
BI Reports right
Customization Additional modules and custom workflow
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right – Feature is included in the module pricing

Taxes Covered

Direct Taxes

Statutory Compliances

Payroll Taxes

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