The 4th Annual Indirect Tax Symposium

Knowledge Partner: Deloitte | Technology Partner: Udyog Software

Udyog Software is the exclusive Technology Partner at ” The 4th Annual Indirect Tax Symposium 2014 “ event. The event will be hosted in the cities of:

  • New Delhi on 8th December 2014
  • Mumbai on 9th December 2014

This event is presented by Achromic Point Consulting with Deloitte as the Knowledge Partner.

The Indirect Tax Symposium organized by Achromic Point during the past three years elicited overwhelming response from professionals across trade and industry. During this event, leading indirect tax experts from Deloitte will be speaking on the recent developments in the area of indirect taxes and their impact on businesses.

The Symposium offers significant insights into the developments on the indirect tax front at a global level with deep insights on issue relating to indirect taxes in India. It is essential for Finance, Tax, Procurement and Supply Chain professionals to have clarity in respect of the applicability of the relevant indirect tax and ensure compliance since onerous responsibilities have been placed on both the organization as well as its key personnel.

Topics Being Covered

  • Global Developments in Indirect Taxes
  • Service Tax – Case Studies & Recent Decisions
  • Customs and Excise
  • Foreign Trade Policy
  • Cenvat Credit – Recent developments
  • VAT – Emerging Trends
  • The way forward on GST in India


David Raistrick

Global Managing Director, Deloitte

Prashant Deshpande

Senior Director, Deloitte

S. Thirumalai

Senior Director, Deloitte

R. Muralidharan

Senior Director, Deloitte

M. S. Mani

Senior Director, Deloitte

Krupa Venkatesh

Senior Director, Deloitte

Anjlika Chopra

Senior Director, Deloitte

Saloni Roy

Senior Director, Deloitte

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