Taxilla – A Cloud Based Solution for Easing Your Tax Concerns

In today’s digital age, various businesses are going global. The world is becoming a virtually borderless place and it is necessary to design a global tax platform which gives out tangible benefits to the clients across borders with an understanding of cross-border business and tax issues while maintaining the uniformity in methodology, quality and the level of attention. India ranks 164 of 183 countries under ‘ease of paying tax’ and is perceived to have one of the most complex and least predictable tax environment in the world. Companies are spending a lot of time and resources for dealing with taxation issues. In such a scenario, Taxilla serves as a one stop solution for complete statutory compliances.

What is Taxilla?
Taxilla is a global cloud based tax platform for tax localization. It supports all major transaction taxes. It is built in correlation with the standard industry technologies and frameworks. Taxilla comprises of an integrated suite that caters to all areas of taxation – both Direct and Indirect.

How is Taxilla beneficial?
· Complete automation for tax filing. Taxilla provides inbuilt client-self support infrastructure. The software is supported by extensive tax knowledge, database of industry experts and the best tax consultants in the industry, in the right combination of knowledge and expertise and also provides round the clock live support to users via chat/phone/email.
· Taxilla has a unique patent-pending feature called delta capture. Its built-in version management with automatic detection helps reduce human errors and ensures higher accuracy of report generation.
· Complete review-approval workflow built into it wherein all tax filings are reviewed and approved either by internal or external tax experts or auditors. This ensures complete transparency at all times.
· The software allows a user to remap his input filing data online in such a way that it enables him to successfully process the filing of returns.
· The software can be integrated through connectors and convertors ensuring high rate of adaption by Indian companies implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other financial systems.
· SAS/70 and ISO 27001 compliance prevents any type of unauthorized user access to the software.

Taxilla enables complete automation for tax computation, processing and e-filing. It reduces the time spent on gathering and reconciling data and also manages to provide mobile access to your tax data anywhere in the world. It definitely succeeds in providing a comprehensive solution to an organization’s tax related concerns.

By Udyog Software Marketing Team

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