Thing to Evaluate while Choosings the Right ERP Software

Things to Evaluate while Choosing the Right ERP Software

ERP software (inventory  management and accounting software) designed specifically for wholesale and distribution companies  designed to manage entire operation likely sales, purchase, invoicing and customer service, to inventory management, warehouse management, and more. The features ERP software systems provides a business persons to make the purchase and sales process smoothly which are extremely important. Make sure that you find a right solution that can meet your specific company needs and help your business growth in coming future. Purchasing ERP software system requires a large amount of time and money to find the right solution for your business.

  • Evaluate internally to determine existing customer requirements and gaps in business functionality.
  • Evaluating available solutions in the market which suits  your business process
  • Budget confirmation and keeping necessary funds for the project
  • Better solution and beginning the implementation process like data migration from existing systems to the new ERP software systems
  • Train staff on new ERP software solution and update old processes as required

Experience during the total sales process will influence all other aspects of the search and Process implementation.

How to search software and find the right solution.

Information Sharing :

This has become a tough task because sharing information with a stranger, information is the best solution for finding the right solution while searching for software. The more information you provide of the sales process, the better vendor will be able tell that their solution is the right fit or not. A good software provider is someone who takes time to  understand your business needs so that they can properly recommend. The right ERP software vendor will be trusted business partner that you can continue to work with well into the coming future. Specific processes information gathering like company size, warehouse locations and many more can help both parties for getting a better solution.

Integrations :

Most of the ERP systems requires additional internal features or external third parties to integrate with other company systems, solutions and other functional areas. While Setting an ERP budget you must consider the resources to integrate and communicate with the ERP software system, this may require additional software or development time with that company to do so.

Dedicate the Time :

If you’re not willing to spare time and resources for software search and following the vendors’ process, it will become very tough task for you to take accurate and informed decision on what system will be the best suited for your business.  Implementing an ERP software system does not happening anything overnight. If you’re interested in an ERP software solution for business growth, you need to spare time to find such a solution.

Workflows and Automation :

The most important part for any ERP software is that whether it supports current workflows. Best ERP software will allow you to view the entire purchasing history workflow like from order to sale purchase so you can be updated on the product status and give feedback to customers. Automated tools help in reminding you when orders need to be placed.

Support :

How great your ERP software may be, sometimes things will go wrong or you will need help in navigating the solution for the problem. In this situation strong support gets needed. If you go for free ERP software you will not get these features. Take time choosing for a software provider that provides good support for when you need it.

These above activities will help you establish a foundation from which you can effectively evaluate ERP software vendors. Now you can understand what features are most important for your organization, so you can cut down your potential options till you find the technology that supports your organization and improves your competitive advantage along with an increase in revenue growth.