Top 8 Reasons Why Businesses Are Moving To Cloud

There was a time when questioned what ‘the cloud’ is, the immediate responses that followed were – an actual cloud in the sky, weather, season, etc but in today’s geeky world, with the advent of cloud computing, we are introduced to a whole new spectrum of cost effective, innovative, secure and faster ways of sharing information and increasing efficiency via the internet. Today, businesses worldwide are moving to the cloud and if you are wondering whether it is beneficial or not to take the plunge, here are few benefits that cloud computing has to offer.

1. Flexibility: If your organization needs more bandwidth, a cloud-based service can instantly come to your rescue with its huge capacity of remote servers.

2. Global Access: Cloud computing enables global access to information. You will be able to check important updates on the go anytime, anywhere.

3. Minimize Cost Of Technical Infrastructure: You are allowed to pay on the go. You may pay weekly, quarterly, or yearly based on the demand.This reduces the amount spent on technical infrastructure and helps you to save a lot. You don’t need to spend on hardware, software or licensing fees which reduces your capital costs.

4. Streamline Processes: Cloud computing lets you stay ahead of the competitionwith fewer people, lesser time and more work done within the budget.

5. Automatic Software Updates: You don’t need to worry about security, maintenance, or software upgrades. These tasks can be done very quickly, which allows you to utilize your resources on other important assignments. It also ensures that the user interface remains up-to-date.

6. Unlimited Storage: Cloud allows almost unlimited storage capacity. You will never run out of storage space. It also ensures a uniform platform for storing all the important data in one centralized location.

7. Increased Efficiency: According to a recent survey,73% of employees team up with people in different time zones and regions at least once in a month. Sending and receiving files over emails is time consuming. Moreover, it allows only one person to work on a file at a time which creates tons of versions of the same document with different names and formats. Cloud computing allows everyone to work on a central copy of the document and also enables employees to chat while making changes. This increases efficiency and contributes to a bigger bottom line.

8. Backup and Recovery: With strict ISO standards to adhere to, cloud computing ensures higher level of information securityand faster backup and recovery of data.

Taxilla is one such comprehensive cloud based solution on SaaS platform for tax localization embedded with next generation Web 2.0 UI technology. It can be accessed via the web and no hardware installation is required. Moreover, it does not require any patch updates and acts as a scalable platform that can process huge data. It has an easy subscription process and is easy to use. The software also integrates changes that are essential to support the latest taxes like GST in the creation of additional reports. With the umpteen benefits cloud computing has to offer, you may as well consider kick-starting your journey to the cloud, today!

By Rohit Matlapudi

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