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Track Your Assets with Tracet

Track Your Assets with Tracet, Fixed Asset management software

If you are looking for some integrated software that could help you in managing your company’s assets, look no further. Track your Assets with Tracet – Tracet by Udyog Software is a comprehensive Fixed Asset Management Software with regulatory compliance. Tracet by Udyog Software is a comprehensive Fixed Asset Management Software with regulatory compliance. It is an end-to-end asset life cycle management solution with complete asset reporting capabilities for your valuable plant, property as well as equipment.

It can grow with your business and helps in managing assets starting from allocation and tracking to depreciation and disposal.

Tracet’s primary components include:

  • Asset Management – Setting up and managing your assets every day becomes easy with Tracet. With a logical file-folder format, intuitive graphical interface and customizable asset tracking and sorting options, the process of adding, changing, and disposing assets becomes effortless
  • Asset Auditing and Reporting – Tracet provides pre-built reports, including assets by category, location and department, check-in/check-out, net book value of assets, audit history, and more.
  • Asset Depreciation – Choose and apply the depreciation method applicable to your asset and plan better for future asset purchases with cost savings. Both the popular depreciation methods are available in Tracet.

The software aids in asset lifecycle management with workflow by offering the following benefits.

  • Instant setup with single click bulk upload of users and assets
  • Track your assets against each user with self-generated barcodes
  • Complete audit trail for all your asset transactions
  • Exhaustive asset search and reporting capabilities

The software also helps in improving your company’s financial management with notice tracking by:

  • Providing accurate accounting for complex tax depreciation rules
  • Planning better for disposal and future purchases with alerts and notice tracking of “useful life” of assets
  • Recording service due date, useful life, warranty expiration date, insurance value and more
  • Planning better for under-utilized items

Apart from the above benefits, the software assures regulatory compliance in all areas; be it STPI or SEZ, stay complaint with application of correct statutory rules. Moreover, Tracet is a Flexible Depreciation Management System offered by Udyog that helps in applying any of the regulatory depreciation rules to individual assets or categories of assets with ease.

By Rohit Matlapudi