UdyogERP Pharma-Best Solution for Expiry Management

UdyogERP Pharma-Best Solution for Expiry Management

UdyogERP Pharma-Best Solution for Expiry Management

As the Government is taking strict actions on sale of stock which are Expired , it has become compulsory for every business person to carefully bill invoices for items which are under the expiry date. Failing to which leads to license cancellation. However this is becoming a hassle day by day for shop owners to keep in check with the Expired items manually and avoid them from being billed. UdyogERP pharma is the best solution for expiry management and has an in-built feature to manage the expired items.

Why UdyogERP to manage expired items?

  • Can maintain and track short expiry of items where reminders can come for the stock about to expire. Day to day wise reports for expiry of stock.
  • Helps in not allowing expired items to be billed.
  • Return of bulk expired items is possible.
  • Its Key feature is batch-wise expiry maintenance which makes it easy to identify expired goods and sends you the notification at the right time.

Achieve More with UdyogERP Pharma

UdyogERP Pharma is the best expiry management software that provides full visible insights on business flow and helps in taking strategic decisions at the right time, track supplier; manufacturer-wise expiry dates and help in managing the pharmaceuticals. Healthcare business becomes easy with this easy to use software. Reorder alerts helps in identifying products which are selling fast rather than other products and also get substitute for products, clear visibility on non-moving stocks.

UdyogERP which is the best expiry management software, prevents expired stock to be billed and helps in the overall growth of the business.