What Software Do Pharmacies Use_

What Software do Pharmacies Use?

What Software Do Pharmacies Use_

Modern Software systems are playing a key role with great accuracy and convenience. Pharmacy software systems also known as a pharmacy management software has many core functions typically like outpatient entries, dispensing information, inventory management, stock control, warehouse management and purchase transactions and many more.

An modern ERP software system with integrated features will help pharmacy stores to easily reconcile and convert medications from varying different sources like outside retail pharmacies and order pharmacies which will alternately eliminates manual written prescriptions. An ERP software specially designed for pharmacist will help in reducing the possibility of clinical errors, due to manual entries.

As an enterprise resource planning software system with an integrated pharmacy software features has an ability to connect with other systems like order entry, EMR, and barcode technology.

With an trending ERP software system, pharmacies are able to process medications from a single centralized screen & system which helps in having instant access and can track inventory levels.

ERP software system helps in easy entry of varying orders and helps in elimination duplication of drug dose. As a top innovative ERP system helps in reducing costs through their integrated features which automates the prescriptions and medicines , which are based on drug dose.

Pharmaceutical management software systems help pharmacists to have control on medication treatment and helps to improve patient safety. These ERP software systems will easily integrate with other pharmacy management automation products like dispensing meds, also the staff will have direct access to data. These enterprise resource planning software systems helps in accessing to each patient’s medical historical information, which helps in preparing patient bills accurately.

ERP software solution allow the pharmacy staff to fill prescriptions, then send the patient information to a hospital, doctor’s and many more. This software helps in sending and receiving emails ,messages, make notification alerts and more.

One of the major features of a pharmacy system is its ability to be a centralised pharmacy billing management software system. ERP software make to spend less time on pharmacy by the staff to raise or receive claims and without any errors.

UdyogERP Best Solution for Pharma Retail Chains.

Key Features :

  • Easy & Fast Billing
  • Record Management
  • GST JSON file Generation
  • Touch Screen Billing
  • POS Billing
  • 4-way UOM billing possible (Carton / Box / Strip / Loose)
  • Digital Signature Printing
  • Software License Security
  • Pharma related Narcotics Drugs reports
  • User wise history maintenance report
  • Auto Breakage and Expiry Entry.
  • Cash Management
  • Warehouse management
  • GST Compliant