One of the busiest sectors of all industries is the Manufacturing, with its complexity and diversity it takes a lot to manage a manufacturing industry. A Manufacturing industry is highly dynamic in nature and should be very quick at processing as any lag would affect the operations resulting in certain percentage loss. This is where exactly ERP helps to improve the efficiency, reduce costs, helps in improved sales and most importantly helps the organization to take right decisions at the right time, an ERP can help a unit to understand where they stand and where they have to improve in terms of strategy and a firm decision making process.

vuGST Business ready Manufacturing ERP software by Udyog Software, the leader in Tax technology & compliance Automation. It is one of India’s most cost efficient ERP software.

vuGST Manufacturing ERP can help you with:

Business Automation & Process Automation is the future of Manufacturing Industries

  • Inventory Management with Barcoding
  • Production Automation
  • Basic & Advanced Accounting
  • HR Payroll & Management
  • Deliver of goods
  • Advanced dashboards & Analytics
  • Sales & Purchase Reports
  • Engineering
  • Production Planning
  • Purchase
  • Export documentation
  • Cost Management
  • Automated GST Return Filing (For Indian tax payers)

As per a survey conducted in 2015, majority of the small and medium businesses could improve their operational frequency expanding their business base with the help of an ERP software. Nearly 48 Million Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises exist in India out of which only 8% use ERP. It definitely is a huge gap to be filled.

Why Manufacturing Industries should start using vuGST for their operations?

With vuGST Manufacturing ERP you can start building your business:

Business & Process Automation:

Automation is the future and adopting it will bring better results. The major advantage is that the data sharing goes centralized, different departments can share the needed information amongst themselves without much dependency. Real time status of the particular project helping management to improve the productivity. Automation helps to reduce the manual dependency and avoid human errors making the processes more accurate.

Reduce Costs:

vuGST can help you eliminate the incurring costs, one of the biggest challenge for any management is to reduce the production and operational costs which can only be achieved by an ERP. As talked above a well implemented ERP has a very good Automation capability which will indeed reduce the need for skilled or unskilled labor. And another bigger challenge is managing the Inventory understanding what materials to procure and what not to at what time and the quantity needed and all can be taken care of.

Decision Making:

Decision making is the fundamental step for any industry, it drives the business guiding the business though profits if well thought. An ERP provides advanced dashboards and insights into various departments which will keep the companies informed. vuGST dashboards give specific insights into Sales, Purchases, etc. along with its customizable parameters which can be altered as per the needs.

Improve Product Quality:

With improved standards and procedures, automatically the quality of the products go high. With the support of vuGST the user has the opportunity to conduct product quality audit, quality control, regulated processes for engineering operations, quality certification, etc. with all these facilities at your fingertips you can aim higher customer satisfaction which is the ultimate goal for any business owner. More the customer satisfaction higher the brand reputation, more the brand reputation higher the revenue generated.

Manage Inventory:

With the well built inventory management system the user will be able to easily maintain the records for supply and demand of every product that the company manufactures. With basic inventory, process-wise inventory and serialized inventory you can properly organize your goods and materials for various procedures that follows. Stock reservation and Material Requirement Planning helps you plan ahead of the requirement which is quite essential for a growing company to keep a regular check and make sure that the processes doesn’t stop in between.

GST Compliant taxation & Accounting:

With the ongoing taxation change businesses are finding it difficult to manage their accounts and GST Return Filing. With basic & advanced accounting the user will be able to easily manage their taxation without errors. And also to meet the continuous changes done by GST council India, vuGST automatically updates as per the new rules and regulations implemented. Export and import documentation is also offered with in the software which makes it easier for businesses who are importing or exporting the goods to other countries.

Now that we have spoken about the added advantages one should think about improving the business, vuGST from the house of Udyog Software can take you where you imagine your business should be. When the benefits are unlimited what is stopping you? The price? Well it starts at 3599/- per user.

ERP implementation could be very hard if you do not partner with the right solution provider, it will not be done overnight but it will be the most helping software for your success.

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