Established in 1993 and awarded the prestigious CIO Choice Award consecutively for 3 years in a row – 2013, 2014 and 2015, Udyog Software (India) Ltd. is a pioneer in providing tax automation solutions to a number of businesses and is amongst the leaders in areas of payroll solutions, tax compliance, integrated solutions and ERP implementations.

Over the past 18 years, Udyog’s pragmatic approach has resulted in rapid growth enabling us to deliver sustainable solutions to our clients. Our continuous investment in our team helps us provide better solutions while adding innovative and practical solutions to the current portfolio of products and services.

Companies today invest considerable time & effort to understand the world of tax & accounting.It is next to impossible to keep track of all the changes in taxation & to benefit from various tax credits from Indirect Taxation process. Because of its complexity and variations, this process is a hassle, thus can distract an organization from pursuing its business goals and stunt its growth. Thankfully, at Udyog with our knowledge to address these complex taxation rules, you can focus on your business goals. We understand that it is important for your business to be easy to manage and to make sure that things go as planned; at Udyog, we have the right combination of knowledge and expertise to deliver cutting edge and innovative tax management and compliance solutions.

A preferred tax solution partner for various ERP vendors and implementers, over the last two decades, Udyog has earned its reputation as a solution-centric company that delivers effective and successful tax planning services to its clients. We understand the localized and specific taxation requirements for Indian taxation and accordingly, our comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions are configured to meet all customer requirements regardless of industry type, vertical or size. Our main offerings include tax and enterprise automation products and solutions like iTAX and Visual Udyog, and our flagship product Taxilla, an ISO27001 certified, cloud based tax automation and compliance management platform which can be used to file returns for all transactional taxes all over India. We also provide tax consulting, up-to-date information including tax news and updates, articles and knowledge content, analysis and interpretations, expert answers to taxation questions and support services

Udyog’s success story lies in its innovative products, services and solutions, proven expertise and its pledge to meet customers’ evolving needs in a dynamic business environment

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